Enjoying Life While Managing Heart Failure

Sodium in your Diet

Explore how sodium (salt) can impact your heart health. Learn about common foods where salt is found. Dive into tips on how to lower your salt intake.

Food for your heart and soul

Food is another daily choice with a huge impact on your heart health. Sodium plays a very important role.

Lowering your intake of sodium (salt) helps prevent swelling in your body to ease heart related symptoms. Extra fluid buildup between the heart and the sac surrounding the heart can make the heart work poorly. If you have episodes of fluid buildup, it is recommended not to consume more than sodium intake 2000 mg per day.

Almost half of the sodium we eat comes from very common foods:

How can I eat less sodium?

Salt shaker being poured onto food, indicating where sodium comes from in a typical diet
Measuring spoons containing different seasonings

Sodium in Seasoning

Reading Food Labels

Here is an example of a food label for canned tomatoes that shows the difference between regular sodium and low sodium. Notice the servings and serving size are the same in each can. The food label tells you how much sodium is in one serving.

A good rule of thumb is to try not to eat anything that has over 150mg of sodium in 1 serving.

Example nutrition guide with serving size and sodium highlighted
Regular Canned Tomatoes
Example nutrition label with serving size and sodium highlighted
Low Sodium Canned Tomatoes