Diabetes and Your Heart:
Close Connections

Lower Your Risks, Improve Your Health

Explore ways to lower your risks with diabetes.


If you smoke or vape, it is important to quit. Ask your health care team for help. Call 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or visit smokefree.gov. Nicotine patches and other medicines may help lower your desire to smoke.

Quit smoking

Prevention is Key to Staying Healthy

At each visit with your health care team:

Regular Health Checks

Elderly man at the dentist

At least two times a year, be sure to have:

Foot examination

At least one time a year, be sure to have:

Your diabetes care team may order these tests more frequently to care for you and your conditions.

Elderly man getting vaccinated

At least once in your life, get:

At least once in your life, and again after turning 65, get a:

Sick Days

When you are sick, the stress on your body can raise glucose levels. It is important to have a sick day plan. Be prepared to drink more fluids, and check your glucose more often. You should still take your medications.

Before you get sick, decide on an action plan with your health care team. Your plan should include:

Download the sick plan. Fill it out and post it in a location that is easy to find, such as on your refrigerator.

Elderly woman checking elderly man's temperature
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